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Kristen Wheeler's Blog

Creator, The Native Genius Method

Start a virtuous cycle

In a nutshell, here’s how you grow your Native Genius. It’s not as hard as we sometimes make it, but it does take faith and consistency.

You have the spark of something that lights you up. You want to give yourself to that thing a little more — whether it’s a new yoga class, a recipe, or some fascination at work.

If you haven’t been getting sparks lately, well it is Covid, but also your sparks may have gone dormant because you’re not listening. Pay...


Don’t half-ass it

When Matthew McConaughey told his dad he wanted to be an actor, his dad said, "Is that really what you want to do?"

Matthew answered, “Yeah Dad, it is.” His dad said, "Well, don't half-ass it." From that day forward, Matthew never half-assed it in the movie business.

When Shawn Mendes told his dad he wanted to be a songwriter, his dad asked, "Well, can you write a song?" Shawn answered, “I don’t know.” His dad said, “Well go write a song.”

After that,...


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