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We teach the Native Genius Method for leadership development and personal growth. When people love what they do, research shows they’re happier, healthier, have better relationships, and contribute significantly more. We help you start from where you are without up-ending everything.

What is Native Genius?

Native Genius is a term that describes the power of something you already have: your innate intelligence. It's also a method that activates that intelligence. And it's a company that teaches you how to use that intelligence at work — regardless of your starting point.

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"Native Genius has had a tremendous impact to teams of people around the world, and significantly shaped how much of our individual and team work gets done. I’ve seen it completely change the perspectives people had on their job, their teams, their colleagues, and themselves. I will always carry it forward."

Lynda Talgo
Director, Global Scaled Operations, YouTube, formerly VP, eBay

More than discovering strengths

Our clients who have worked with the StrengthsFinder® say that the StrengthsFinder is like the tip of the iceberg, and Native Genius is like the iceberg. That's because you learn tools that...

  • Shape work to fit with innate gifts — yours and others
  • Are actionable down to the task level
  • Remove hidden obstacles
  • Make work groups harmonize like an orchestra
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"Native Genius is the best thing to happen for my own personal development in more than a decade at ebay, and in my career overall."

Grainne Walsh
Senior Manager, eBay

"Native Genius is among the most profound work I've done in my life. A little more than a year ago, I was considering leaving my job and selling my company. Instead, I merged companies, and today I can say — with incredible confidence — that I love what I do. What an incredible shift for me in just one short year! I can’t adequately express the impact Native Genius has had on me."

Chris Geer
Founding Partner, Four Mile Capital

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