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“You warm enough?”

This weekend my mom, niece, and I were in New York City. My niece is nineteen. Being from Texas, my mom and I were very concerned about her warmth as we roamed the streets of Manhattan. Every time we ventured out, we’d insist that she bundle up. Meanwhile, there she was in her platform boots, sleeveless jumpsuit, and open coat. We couldn’t stop asking, “You warm enough?” “You warm enough?”

Then on Saturday night her voice came out loud and proud in the most wonderful way. “I love fashion…I’m wondering how I might go into it…I want to be the kind of person who can do it…so I’m experimenting.”

We sang out like a choir, “OHHHHHH! ‘nuf said!”

For the rest of our time, we were all…Who cares about being warm?! Keeping your coat open so your whole outfit shows? Definitely! That short dress is fabulous! Do it! Her short dress was fabulous when being warm wasn’t the gospel.

Mom and I assumed that being warm was her #1 priority, BECAUSE IT WAS OURS.

We didn’t even know we were assuming! And we didn’t ask 🙁. My niece hadn’t mentioned her interests until we accidentally (and persistently) pushed against her budding Native Genius. Once she told us, we rallied and celebrated her rockin’ the streets of NYC.

When it comes to knowing and being known for our Native Geniuses, it’s a two way street — even with the ones we cherish most. Let’s look both ways before we cross.



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