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Why I got the sideways look

When I was in tenth grade, something kinda funny happened when I went to the mall with my friend for the New Years sales.

After rummaging through racks for a few hours, we were standing in the check-out line and I bent over with my hands on my knees and started flexing and arching my lower back. My friend gave me the sideways look and whispery shouted, “What are you DOING!?” I whispery shouted back, “I’m stretching my lower back!” She rolled her eyes. We both laughed and then she did the shouting whisper again, “Well stop it! It looks WEIRD!”

Fast forward to my first day of graduate school where I studied Body-Centered Psychology. I walked into my first class, and what did I see? A huge dance studio with about fifty of my new classmates, barefooted and moving around in all manner of gyrations — before class, before the professor was even in the room, and without any instructions at all. Can you imagine what I thought?!


Let’s do it up with more of your special kind of weird.


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