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WDYT of this phrase?

I don’t know who said it, but it’s kind of a nice phrase, “Bloom where you’re planted.” Or is it?

When left to their own devices, Hosta plants find shade and flourish unless someone tries to plant them in the sun. Fish innately breathe beautifully in water but perish if someone places them on a dock. 

The same thing is true for us humans…when someone or something (any vast array of accumulated conditions) puts us where our wiring doesn’t work, we struggle to “bloom where we’re planted.” 

This phrase innocently preaches to make the best of where we are. But its flowery voice also insidiously implies that it’s actually possible to be plopped anywhere and bloom our little hearts out. Which nature shows us is impossible at every turn. 

Nature got it right for the hostas, fish, and you. If you're not blooming where you’re planted, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just in the wrong soil.

Let’s rewrite “bloom where you’re planted” to “plant yourself where you’ll bloom.”

Spring is in the air!


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