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The “On Ramp”

Last week I found myself procrastinating on work that uses my Native Genius. I knew that it would be fun once I got into it. So why the procrastination?! You feel me on this? 

If you’re procrastinating, it doesn’t mean it’s NOT your Native Genius. If it makes your eyes light up, then something else is going on. 

Have you heard of “activation energy”? It means that it takes more energy to start something than to keep it going. We can thank chemists and behavioral scientists for helping us normalize what Plato said, “A good start is half the battle.” This applies to things that make our eyes light up, glaze over, or something in between. 

When it comes to being stalled, my husband calls this needing an “On Ramp” — little ways to get rolling. 

Try these simple “On Ramps” 

Stoke your “activation energy” when you’re stalled on something that lights you up. Obviously you can use these for things that make your eyes glaze over too. 

💡 Big suggestion: Time-box these so you don’t spend all your time on the “On Ramp”!

👍 Spend 3 to 5 minutes thinking or jotting down notes to these questions…

  1. What do I love about doing this? (or really dislike if it makes you glaze over)
  2. What's stopping me? What feels scary?
  3. What do I have to gain?
  4. How will I feel after I've spent some time doing it?

👍 Tidy up your space. Arrange your tools/content before getting to work. Monks do this.

👍 Time-box how much time you spend. Even minutes can get you going.

BTW, I did this with my taxes today — which make my eyes glaze over. After procrastinating for days, I set a timer for 5 minutes. At the end of the five minutes, I could feel the activation energy rolling and I wanted to keep going. Taxes are done early for the first time…uh, ever!

👍 Do it with a buddy for accountability and fun.

👍 Make up your own “On Ramp.” What’s worked for you in the past or sounds fun?


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