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Taco talk crazy

When Jane Goodall went on her first archeological dig in Africa, she wrote home telling her mom how she and others talked late into the night under the stars about what they were finding. She was in heaven. She’d found her people. 

Jane put herself in the universe of what fascinated her. When we do this, one of the magical things that happens is finding our people. That’s important because finding your people is one of the biggest bridges to doing what you love. 

After my first day of graduate school, a bunch of us met in the bar. I was studying mythology—in particular Joseph Campbell’s approach. We talked all things Campbellian until the wee hours of the night. I remember my eyes widening with amazement when not just one person had read the obscure piece written by one of my hero scholars, but a whole handful of people had read it. Never before had I been with even one other person who had read this geeky piece. Now there was a whole slew of them. And I was making friends with them! 

Have you ever noticed if two people get together who love making tacos they’ll go taco talk crazy? You’ll hear delight like this, “Last month I made mango-pork tacos….Have you tried making jicama shells?” Dadadadada it goes, like a song. That's what happens when people with similar Native Geniuses get together and “talk shop.” The My Eyes Light Up (MELU) juice from each person inspires the other. Then what happens? They each leave the moment ready to whip up a new salsa or try a new grilling method. Who knows what partnerships and other taco aficionado-ness will be born of this encounter. 

This is not boring networking. This is the power of geeking out together where a handful of key things happen to grow your Native Genius: inspiration, learning, action, support, and opportunities. The beauty is many-fold. You’ll make deep friendships because you’ll really get each other. You’ll learn more about your interest, how to hone it, and whether it’s a passing interest, a hobby you love just for you, or long-term work you want to give to the world. 

If you don’t have fellow geeks in your area of interest, it’s time to get some. How do you find them? Here are two ways. First, in your current groups, talk “taco” more often and see who swoons. Secondly, put yourself in the universe of what fascinates you to find your new geeks. 

Your people are waiting for you. Go get ‘em tiger!



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