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Novels and dance

Do you let yourself do what you love? In little ways, in your life?

Do you let yourself read a novel, or do you always choose the “good for me" books? Business, finance, health — you know the drill. But what about the delight of curling up with that novel in a sunny spot on your sofa?

Do you let yourself go to a dance class instead of running errands every Saturday morning because “you need to get things done?” But what about the delight of bopping around to music?

I’m not saying we should NOT do what’s good for us. Get your mammogram. Take care of your family. Get enough sleep. Of course.

And yet…

If we won’t let ourselves do things in our everyday life that light us up, how can we ever get ourselves to make the hundreds of small choices that lead to doing work we love?

Letting ourselves do what we love is a muscle, not an indulgence. Use it or lose it. Using that muscle in hundreds of small choices, is what leads to work we love.

Off you go — to do that little thing you’ve been wanting to do.



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