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Nose pressed up against the glass

A few years ago I was coaching someone (let’s call her Sydney) who wanted to transition from her role as a burnt-out CEO to a thriving executive coach. But Sydney didn’t know if she “had what it took.” 

Meanwhile, when I asked about her “My Eyes Light Up” Moments, eighty percent of the activities she listed involved some type of coaching. But Sydney couldn’t see that she was already coaching (all the time) because the surface level tasks didn’t look like coaching to her. 

As she talked about how coaches had all these amazing qualities — which she assumed she didn’t have — it sounded like someone with their nose pressed up against the glass looking at the people who had “made it” — longing to be one of them, but feeling so “other” — so “not them.” But I could see that she already belonged on the other side of the glass! 

We’ve all felt like Sydney at times. The key factor in “getting to the other side of the glass” is being supported especially by other women. 🫶  

And remember… if something lights you up, you belong on the other side of the glass with the people who are also lit up. They are your people and they’re waiting for you. 


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