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It’s not about the shoes

Years ago, I volunteered at the library to read books to kids — itty-bitty three to five year olds. Every week, when I would walk in with my arms full of children's books — before I could even get settled — the kids would swarm around me, curious about the books for the day. 

One day in the swarm, something happened that had never happened before. 

An older girl tugged at my arm, and said, “Hey! Look at my new shoes!” sticking her shoe out for me to see. I smiled and said, “Yes! I see your new shoes!” 

Then a boy stepped forward and said, “Hey, look at my shirt!” (apparently not new, but fully worthy of a look!) as he pinched his plaid collar for me to see. To which I said, “Yes! I see your shirt!” 

Then a younger boy jutted towards me and said something that took my breath away — and still does today. He said, “Hey, look at ME!” patting his heart for me to see. To which I said, “Yes! I see YOU!” 

I will never forget this moment — the truth of it, so eager, so confident, so pure. It’s not about the shoes or shirt (or anything else), it’s about YOU, in your heart. We all long to be seen, heard, and understood. Native Genius helps us do this. 

Yes! Look at YOU!


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