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Elephants and Pollen

Has anyone ever tried to convince you that you should do something they love? And you hesitate because you’re not remotely interested and therefore doing it sounds hard — like foreign territory. 

But as enthusiastic “convincers,” they keep trying to convince you by saying, “It’s not that hard!” because it comes so easily for them. For example, convincers like this…

My master DIY brother who says, “Just pick up a showerhead at Home Depot and follow the directions. IT’S NOT THAT HARD.”

My number-crazy investing friend who says, “Just pick up this book on investing and watch a few stocks. IT’S NOT THAT HARD.”

My arranger-brain minimalist husband who says, “Just clean out your closet by getting rid of everything you haven’t worn in the last year. IT’S NOT THAT HARD.”

I’ve caught myself doing the convincing too! We’re all convincers at one time or another when we’re talking about activities we love. 

Here’s what I have to say to the convincers above (myself included!) and convincers everywhere… 

It’s not that hard FOR YOU because it’s your Native Genius! It comes naturally to you, so you think it’s easy and anyone can do it.

What’s easy for one person is hard for another. And there’s nothing wrong with the person for whom it’s hard. 

A bumble bee wouldn’t try to convince an elephant, “Just go around and collect some pollen. IT’S NOT THAT HARD.” And as humans, we shouldn’t either! 



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