Kristen Wheeler

Founder & Creator

Kristen teaches Native Genius worldwide at companies like HP, Airbnb, and Ebay. The Native Genius Method helps people bring out the innate brilliance in each other so that organizations up-level results, fulfillment, and belonging.
Kristen is an innovator in the strengths movement and Native Genius is the next evolution of strengths — focusing on vulnerability, mindfulness, appreciation, and connection to create lasting change.
Native Genius works with the obstacles to strengths that are hidden within the human condition. Native Genius is researched-based and multidisciplinary, drawing on proven strategies from business, psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness.
Kristen started her career as a CPA and software developer for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). Before developing Native Genius, she consulted with companies on matters of IT, leadership, and strategy for over twenty years. Amidst that work, she earned an MA in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute and an MA in Body Centered Psychology from Naropa University.
Kristen has been an audience favorite at TEDxBoulder, was named one of the 100 Most Influential Women for EBW 2020 in 2016, and is a Strategic Advisor for Emerging Women. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

"Kristen really gets it when it comes to helping people grow. She understands how to unlock development, in a way that makes it look and feel easy to do. My entire team gets a whole lot more out of their working lives thanks to Kristen. And her positive, engaging approach makes every interaction a rewarding experience — she rocks!"

Dieter Newell
Director, Facebook Ireland, formerly ebay UK

"Kristen is the the real-deal. What you see is what you get — heart, soul, mind."

Melissa Daimler
Principal, Daimler Partners, formerly SVP of Talent, WeWork, and Head of Learning and Organizational Development at Twitter

"Kristen is one of the rarest of the rare. She has brought to both my company and me unparalleled value for more than five years."

Dave Wilson
Former President and CEO, Graduate Management Admission Council (Creators of the GMAT)

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