Native Genius Method

Tools that Feed the Soul and the Bottomline

Here's How it Works

Many of us waste a very precious asset — innate intelligence. Learn how to activate it and get the joy and results you've been missing.

2 Practices + 6 Mindsets Based on Research

These mindsets and practices go beyond discovery into daily action to use Native Genius—innate intelligence that's extraordinarily resourceful and makes people's eyes light up. The Method is based on research from business, psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

Removes Hidden Obstacles

What can look like workplace limitations are often inner limitations. You become adept at challenging assumptions and accessing more opportunities.

Becomes a Way of Being

The Method is so simple and personal that doesn't feel like a Method at all. Pretty soon you can't believe you approached work any other way.

Native Genius is in You


It’s always been inside you. When you use it, it can feel like nothing but it’s something.

It’s the meeting of what you’re good at and what you love doing. It shows up in small moments when you’re contributing to something that matters to you.

You know you’re using it when you’re focused without trying and your eyes are lighting up.

Native Genius FAQs

"Native Genius taught me to pivot my approach to work in a valuable way, both professionally and personally. It’s hard to believe no one ever teaches us something this important — not even when I was getting my MBA at Wharton."

Fabian Koenig
Facebook UK

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