Native Genius Method

Based on proven research from business, psychology, neuroscience, and wisdom traditions

Native Genius isn't something you find once, it's a Method you practice

Centers on 5 conversations

Getting success and fulfillment — at the same time — is a muscle you work through five different conversations. These conversations reveal and use Native Genius, while strengthening relationships. 

Works with vulnerability

Talking about how we're wired brings up uncertainty and emotional exposure. The Method increases trust and safety through shared language and conversations. People are seen and valued for who they really are.

Becomes a way of being

The Method is energizing and simple. It's also individual and collective. It pumps up performance in a way that feels good to people. In fact, it doesn't feel like a Method at all. Clients say they're forever changed by using it.

"Native Genius taught me to pivot my approach to work in a valuable way, both professionally and personally. It’s hard to believe no one ever teaches us something this important — not even when I was getting my MBA at Wharton."

Fabian Koenig
Facebook UK

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