You're already awesome, put that to work

Do more of what you love, without upending everything

You already have Native Genius—your unique innate intelligence. When you use it, you're significantly smarter and more resourceful than you realize, and your eyes are lighting up. We'll show you how to uncover your natural talents and use them more at work. You don't even need to change jobs, unless you want to.

You're not broken, but how you're working might be.

Here's what you'll learn in the virtual course:

  • Find out what you're truly built for and how to put that into action, no matter what role you're in
  • Get clear on your next move
  • Spend more time doing what you love at work and get relief from tasks that make you groan
  • Be valued for what lights you up
  • Stop second guessing, make better decisions, and move forward with confidence

Want to know when the virtual course is available?

For over a decade, we've been teaching the Native Genius Method to Fortune 500 leaders and teams, coaching one-on-one and leading small in-person workshops. Be the first to know when these tools are available to a wider audience.

"I had been feeling hopeless and at a loss before. Now I have so much faith in my natural abilities and their value. Preparing for these job interviews was completely different than before. I knew what I was doing, I went in fully prepared and I got my dream job."

Kevin Gray
Senior Facilitator, Verus Global

"The Native Genius Method helps you narrow in on what matters most, and it’s a life changing reorientation. I got a permission slip to be more wholly myself. Now I show up in ways that are fundamental to my essence — no matter what the circumstance or environment."

Ariel Snapp
Ariel Grace Snapp Enterprises, formerly Customer Experience Leader, Towers Watson

"Kristen Wheeler has made a difference in my business by helping me to clearly identify and understand both my personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. By being real about my circumstances, I have been able to effectively capitalize on the right opportunities while addressing my most critical challenges."

Sean Lewis
SVP, Morgan Stanley

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