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Training and coaching that connects the head, heart and bottom line

Native Genius Is...

A term that describes the power of innate intelligence

Native Genius is already within you and you've always had it. It's utterly unique to you and when you use it it can feel like nothing — because it's native — but it's something. When it's online, your eyes are lighting up and you're significantly smarter and more resourceful than you realize. Learn more.

A Method that activates innate intelligence

Without using innate gifts at work, satisfaction and results suffer — sometimes without us realizing it. The Method solves for this: "How do we make the work fun and interesting for you?" Because when it's fun and interesting, research shows you do an exponentially better job, and your physical and emotional health will thrive. 

A company that teaches leadership development & personal growth

We teach the Native Genius Method to individuals and teams. People learn how to take responsibility for their fulfillment at work, while advancing their careers and doing great work. They get heaps more EQ and soft skills in the process. The result is improved soft resources to better drive the hard resources.

"I’ve seen leaders and entire teams transform for the better over time through working with Native Genius. The best part? Because the Native Genius Method helps people get out of their own way and power up their best selves, the positive transformation that takes place is sustainable and has impact not just at work but also across all domains of life."

Rich Fernandez
CEO, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, formerly Director of Executive Development, Google

The TEDx talk about Native Genius

The research might surprise you


Kristen Wheeler

Founder & Creator

Even though one of my Native Geniuses is asking soul searching questions, I started my career as a CPA and Software Developer for what's now Accenture.

Back then I didn't know the words Native Genius, so with a lot of self-doubt and inner turmoil, I followed what lit me up. For many years I wondered if it would amount to anything. Surprisingly, it led me here to Native Genius and you.

In addition to geeking out on all things Native Genius and beaucoups of related research, I married Paul, the love of my life, in 2018. I also seriously love looking at books of icons and watching This is Us.

Official Bio

"What is so fantastic about her approach is that Kristen brings her work to life — she is literally a living, breathing example of her message. It is clear in the way she delivers her message that Kristen is walking fully in her life and work. She brings just a bit of magic to everything she does and the people lucky enough to be in her presence are changed for the better after working with her."

Anne Robie
SVP People and Places, Turnitin, formerly Head of People, Stubhub

"Before Native Genius, I was so unhappy with my business that I almost closed it several times. In an effort to "protect" my team, I was piling my plate full of work I didn't enjoy. I assumed that if I didn't like it, nobody would! After working with Kristen I realized I was going about it all wrong. I had people on my team who actually liked the work I was taking away from them! So I started giving it back, and started filling my plate with tasks that truly made my eyes light up. It's made all the difference! Kristen is total delight and the Native Genius method is just that.....genius."

Kelly Notaras
Founder + CEO, kn literary arts

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